News.5 Cheap Beasts In Your Squad For The 1st Fifa 18 Weekend League

Whether you are looking for a new player to insert your team to improve your squad fight to finish, or you stare at the first FUT championship league because it's getting closer, the cheaper is always better, right?


Find those cheap beasts into your squad to get an immediate upgrade without having to spend all the coins can be half of the fun of the FUT. This year, all major alliances have cheap beasts, and even squeezed into the most complex mixed team.


This year there are five of my favorite cheap beasts:



Lazio's box center midfield since the launch has been my favorite cheap Calcio A midfielder. His ability to shoot (87) and long shot (86) for the 81 players is incredible, his 88 endurance will make him a whole game without any problems.


He has the ability to attack the player for a long time, his project is very good defense, standing skiing, interception and sliding to solve all 80 or more. Parolo has a four-star weak foot and three-star skills to boot.


One minute before a week, I choked about 1,500 coins, but he now has about 3,000 coins on the Xbox One and about 4,000 coins on PS4.



The first time I saw him this year, I was very shocked to see Mesa's face on his card. For an 82-level CDM, they are very sound, especially in a major coalition of power. When I saw him almost when he was fired, I took him and slipped him into my starting squad to see what he was doing.


He has more than the average speed (77), the CDM and 92 assaults with 92 endurance match, making him a pest against the midfield of the attacker. His passing is healthy, he is good to win the ball after winning the ball, but if you consider him to participate in the weekend league or team fighting, Mesa does have some flaws.


He only 5'7, his goal rate is only 32, so in the air to win is almost no problem. However, for those who need a crucial means, for less than 2,000 coins, he is a very affordable choice.


Mesa currently has about 1,000 coins on both consoles.



When we talk about the Premier League players, let's talk about the goalkeeper. Perhaps since the launch, the player's most taboo position, find the right goalkeeper for many players is a frustrating task.


If you are like most players, you can not afford players like David De Gea or Manuel Neuer to change the rules of the game, then this year's height may be your best choice. A more advanced goalkeeper with good response and dive statistics made a successful choice for me in FIFA 18.


Joe Hart for the Premier League bill. While he may not be FIFA 18 FIFA 17 Jack Brand, but Hart's 6'5, 83 dives and 83 reactions will be upgraded as other cheaper goalkeeper networks. Hart had about 3,000 coins on both consoles, but as we climbed to the first weekend, he would definitely rise.



Another non-rare card, Semedo is the cheapest player on this list. Pace is the most sought after state of the player center this year, with manual defense for many early challenges.


Semedo's 72 step, with an anchor plate raised to 79, made him a perfect defender of your La Liga back line. He is 6'2, there are 85 jumps, so winning the ball in the air is a line of the Portuguese CB. His defense, like the anchor, has more than 85 points of statistics, including eighty-eight feet, he can also rely on three feet weak feet.


Semedo can use 1,000 coins on both consoles, and if you are patient enough, you can even remove it.



Ligue 1 is a good place to find cheap beasts early in the game. In my opinion, this is the best crit for your beginner team, but it's not as deep as you will find the pool in other major league players.


However, there are many super-capable players can build. For me, let Michael Serie started from where. With 80 speed and proficient statistics, Seri can play and play. He can defend, dribble, and pass with the best midfielder in Ligue 1, but you may want to stop shooting Seri unless you have made a perfect or deliberate makeup style for him.


His high staff and four-star feet make him happy in the park. He played about 3,000 coins on the Xbox One and about 4,000 coins on the PS4.


Hope this could help you to built a strong line-up. will update more FIFA 18 news and guides. If you need cheap FIFA 18 Coins, please contact us immediately.

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