News.FIFA 18 Demo Release Date Confirmed As PS4, Xbox One At The Aame Time

FIFA on the 18th by Sony in its official PlayStation blog confirmed this week's demo release date.


Update 2: FIFA 18 demo version has already started for fans of Xbox One and PS4.


The official PlayStation European account earlier today revealed that the launch will begin at night, and now it seems that the visit was finally awarded fans.


Fast Online confirms that we have been able to start downloading new tests.


It is not clear how fast the world FIFA 18 fans are unlocking, and there is a warning about the official EA Sports statement that shows that the release time may change as the region and platform change.


Update: EA Sports has confirmed that the FIFA 18 demo will be released on September 12 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


While Microsoft Store first announces the release time for 1 am, BST seems to be unavailable later in the day when the game test will be available.


Express Online will update this article when the PS4 and Xbox One FIFA 18 presentations are confirmed to be downloaded at the UK site.


Original: Strange, EA Sports is not directly confirmed, so we have to look at the official Microsoft store to learn more about the FIFA 18 demo release date when it comes to the Xbox One.


What we know is that PS4 players will be able to visit the free test on September 12th.


This has been identified as the same time as the Xbox One listed on the Microsoft Store.


"You can choose a tee from the world's largest clubs and stadiums and preview the story of Alex Hunter," The next chapter "," Journey: Hunter's Journey "will be held in September 29 officially released, Sony confirmed.


"The player personality gives the world some of the biggest stars, their unique features of the real world counterparts, the team style allows players to imitate their favorite club's unique live tactics, immersive atmosphere to bring some football the world's most Name of the stadium in the life of the game


"In addition, you can also enjoy La Liga and MLS's new radio overlay, as well as vibrant and regional specific attractions and sounds that make football the largest stadium was born."


It is believed that due to the official store store leak, the FIFA 18 demo will be launched on September 15 on the Xbox One.


FIFA 18 demo - what does it include?

EA included a bunch of teams in the presentation that let you master, and it is reported that part of the "Journey: Hunter Returns" is also featured. Please refer to the complete list below.


       Manchester City

       Manchester United


       Real Madrid

       Atletico Madrid


       Bayern Munich


       LA Galaxy

       Toronto FC


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