News.FIFA 18 We Want to See the Improvement of the Career Mode

The FIFA 18 career model is the most popular feature that has played a considerable challenge at higher difficulties. However, for some time, EA has done this function on its own, without making any significant changes or improvements to the model.

However, we would like to suggest some changes and improvements that may contribute to the FIFA 18 career model.



Started from the bottom

If there is one thing that can improve the FIFA 18 career model is able to start from the bottom. So far, the game lets you just choose a team and start playing. Your stats or your performance does not mean your position or position in the team. The best way is to play some of the initial exhibition matches and then provide the club based on your performance.



Why Not Be a Substitute?

Never a choice is a substitute, it is strange that such a large-scale game can not make you a substitute. FIFA allows you to simulate a career mode game and skip everything, but why not let the player experience the game? This needs to be in the FIFA game, if not in the FIFA 18, then the championship in the future is definitely one thing.



Develop relations

The club you are playing needs a certain degree of personal relationship. You play in the club for a long time and build relationships with your fans. When you go back to the same club to leave another club, the depth of your popularity should determine their response. Will they hush you still cheering you? Their reaction should decide your confidence or pressure in the early return game.



Online Career Mode

Online career mode may never happen, or at least not happen soon, but this feature can really miracle for FIFA franchise. Compete with other players and increase the statistics in the charts to add more depth to the series.



All in all, hope to those suggestion could be appear in FIFA 18 career mode , FIFA 18 comes out on September 29, but now you can pre-order it now. And at fifacoin-buy, you can pre-order the cheap FIFA 18 coins too.

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