News.FIFA 18 Closed Beta Begins Today

Hello, every FIFA 18 fans! Good news! FIFA 18 closed beta begins today.


The selected player should soon get the code in the email, so if you register to receive EA's email, make sure to check if there is a possible code in your inbox. EA opted out of the actual registration this year, so this closed Beta feels a little closer to the lottery.


There are more information from EA:


Can I get more details about the FIFA 18 beta?



l US and UK options FIFA players choose to receive EA e-mails and will receive e-mails for e-mail addresses associated with their EA accounts.

l Because the "closed beta" space is limited, not everyone will receive a code with the e-mail.

l We only have enough code to send us an email to the player. If you do not receive an email with a code, our advisor will not be able to give you one.

l The email will include the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One closed beta access code.

l Redeem your PlayStation 4 code.

l Redeem your Xbox One code.



l Aged over 18 years old.

l You need to have an Internet connection, an EA account, and have accepted the user agreement with the FIFA 18 Beta protocol.

l Closing Beta games or forums for live and image capture is a violation of our rules, just as forums discuss the contents of the beta version.

l EA also strongly asked FIFA 18 players to comply with the rules.


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