News.FIFA 19 1.02 Patch Notes: Career Mode and Online Modes

Career Mode - Addressed the following issues:

1. When playing as a team that qualifies for either UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League through the playoffs, the championship match was scheduled on the same day as the final league match. This fix will not affect existing save files.
2. Removed the following traits from the list of Player Career traits as they no longer had an in-game function: Driven Pass, Acrobatic Clearance, Diving Header, Fancy Flicks and GK Up For Corners
3. In Player Career, some incorrect Accomplishments were displaying after playing the first match of your career.
4. Certain player swap transfers were being rejected due to incorrect budget calculations.
5. The Block Offers option was not appearing in some situations.
6. News was not properly displaying when a player is acquired in a transfer that included a player swap.
7. News articles for Player Of The Month Awards were displaying the incorrect month.
8. Visual customizations to Alex Hunter and Danny Williams were not being properly displayed during negotiation scenes in Career Mode.
9. Petr Cech was wearing his helmet during negotiation scenes, we have now found him a tie instead.

Online Modes - Addressed the following issues:

1. Attempting to play a Pro Clubs Friendly match after playing a Co-Op Seasons match would result in one player from your team being unable to proceed into the Pro Clubs match.
2. Attempting to play an Online Seasons or Online Friendlies match, after playing a Pro Clubs Friendly match, would result in a Squad Mismatch error.
3. Pro Clubs Friendly matches were showing the end of match flow screens from a Pro Club League match. This was a purely visual issue.
4. Incorrect player model displays briefly in the Practice Arena before a Pro Clubs match.
5. Brief image of a stadium was displaying when exiting a Pro Clubs Drop In match.
6. Stability issue in Pro Clubs after swapping controllers multiple times.

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