The new FIFA Mobile is coming? Have you prepare for it? The news FIFA mobile offer you the opportunity to upgrade your early planned players through our new "Retro Stars" program. Use Fame, Throwback, and Talent Tokens to upgrade these older versions of the Player Program, the upgraded statistics, and a new OVR. Follow the fifacoin-buy to learn more about retro stars .


Three new retro stars players are featured weekly




Every Tuesday night to the summer (the exact time of the event will vary), we will offer three players from the early plan (such as soccer freeze, scream team, kanibol, etc.) and give everyone a chance Take the original player project and complete the plan to get the upgraded version of the project.


Each upgrade plan requires a certain number of "fame", "return" and "talent token" to complete. You can do this by completing the appropriate live event or by using specially marked packages. Retro Star Live event will allow you to replay our early theme activities, such as our "Christmas tree" activities. As always, be sure to check the specific requirements of each item in the game.


Most of the players we show in "Retro Star" are available from the market, but you can also plan to receive the original player program. Weekly offers three retro star players can only be upgraded in our featured time. We will update three new players' retro stars every week.


Retro stars run through the summer. Make sure to follow us fifacoin-buy and learn more about it!


FIFA Mobile is now available on iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone. Prepare more FIFA mobile coins for retro stars each week this summer. And more FIFA mobile news will be showing in our site.

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