News.How Can I Best Use FIFA Points In FUT 18?

If you plan to invest in FIFA points this year, it is a good way to ensure a high return on investment before you start the game. At the beginning of the game, the average value of ordinary packs items will be the highest. Knowing this, many players decide to use their FIFA points as much as possible to open the 7.5k packs. But if you want to get the best news, we think there is a better strategy. But before we get to know these strategies, let's get some basic knowledge.


Fifa Point Basics

FIFA points are money that can be purchased in exchange for packs and FUT draft entries. At the start of FIFA, when players have almost no coins, those who are willing to invest in FIFA points players can get an important step.

FIFA points are also a few of the FIFA17 accounts that can be carried. As in previous years, once the player logs on to the game, EA will be one-time FIFA from FIFA 17 points to FIFA 18 account. It is worth noting that FIFA Point is not possible on the Web App. You need to sign in to your console panel to transfer. For more information on FIFA points and one-off transfer, you can view the following images.


How Best To Use Points?

This is the most common problem with social media. For the best answer, it helps break your FIFA skills, market knowledge and the time you have to promise.


Shrewd Trader - Low Level Player

If you like yourself as a skilled trader and have a lot of time to commit to trading / investing between, you master the full version of the console version and game, we recommend that you open your packs as soon as possible and start coins together and start transaction. You can trade in new and unstable markets sooner you will earn more coins. However, an important detail. In order to prove this decision, you need to earn real profits on these initial coins. This means that you need to have confidence in your trading capacity. If you are the second guess, you may need to consider option 2.


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