News.How Much do the Best La Liga Players Cost in FUT 18?

Building a team in the FIFA 18 FUT may be difficult. You must consider the cost of the players in the budget, and how good the chemistry between them is. This FIFA 18 Best La Liga Finals production guide will show you what players you need to be able to use the Spanish La Liga players to establish the best ultimate team in FIFA 18. We will tell you what is the best La Liga player in FUT 18.


The following teams are the best FIFA 18 finalists and can only use players from the 4-3-3 formation in La Liga. As you can see, the result is a very impressive team with an overall score of 90 rating and a chemical score of 100 rating.


What is the cost of the Best La Liga player in the FIFA 18 FUT?

Please read all the best La Liga players in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and the approximate cost of the best players in La Liga.


GK: Oblak

About the price of FIFA Coin: 30,000

Oblak is with the best goalkeepers in the world and builds a huge income for your ultimate La Liga team.


LB: Marcelo

About Price of FIFA Coin: 57,000

As the best LB in the world, Marcelo is an essential choice for the FIFA 18 flagship team.


CB: Godin

About Price of Fifa Coin: 25,000

Not the most fascinating player, but Godin is a defensive player who will never let you down. La Liga's great player.


CB: Ramos

About Price of FIFA Coin: 215,000

As one of the world's most famous defensive players, Ramos is a top player and must be purchased for your final team player in La Liga.


RB: Carvajal

About the price of FIFA Coin: 10,000

Although not as impressive as the team’s LB, Kavajar is a top driver and reasonably priced. A good RB is indispensable in your best La Liga final team.


CDM: Busquets

About Price of FIFA Coin: 35,000

Solid and reliable. Busquets has been around for a long time, but he is still your best basic player in the La Liga Finals.


CM: Modric

About the price of FIFA Coin: 95,000

It is easy to become one of the best CMs in the world of football. Modric is a great choice for any team - especially the best team in La Liga.


CM: Kroos

About Price of FIFA Coin: 70,000

Kroos has evolved into one of the best CMs in the world and is definitely the player you need in the final team in La Liga.


LW: Ronaldo

About the price of FIFA Coin: 1,325,000

Without Neymar's consideration, the top three of your La Liga Finals are very obvious. Ronaldo is on the left.


ST: Suarez

About Price of Fifa Coin: 465,000

Suarez is in the middle.


RW: Messi

About Price of FIFA Coin: 1,000,000

Messi is on the right. All three are legendary and have raised the La Liga Ultimate Team to an astonishing 90 rating.


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