News.IF Joshua Kimmich FIFA 18 Player Review

Today, we will see my favorite RB - IF Joshua Kimmich in FUT 18. He picked up the card in the first TOTW of FUT 18, hoping to be the first of the season. He has some great game statistics, such as his 93 crossing, 90 short passing, 87 agility, 87 balance, 87 reactions and 87 ball control, 84 interceptions, 82 marking, 83 standing tackle, 84 sliding tackle, 92 stamina 85 jumping and 80 aggression.


Now let's take a look.


Pace: 8/10


Does he be so powerful? But he is not slow. Because of his agility and balance, and the shadow of the chemical style, he certainly felt more than 85 steps, and sometimes he can feel that he reached this 90 points. The pace has gone beyond enough to stop any attacker who wants to go beyond him, and his speed is enough to get into space, just before the ball is thrown into the box before passing through a mark.


Shooting: 7/10


His long shot is really decent, usually forced to save (and often the corner). His goal did not come from the long shot, even though he was very powerful behind the defensive line, and found himself in the box of the opposition. From here, he can easily drill a home, or from the goalkeeper to force a great save. He is a modern defender, and he is more capable of scoring in scoring positions


Passing: 10/10


In any FIFA, I have ever used the best racing driver. Even better, last year I was EoaE Lahm. Every cross is fatal, no matter who is composed. If you give him space to do so, he will tear your back. He is a good corner, and from which easy to score. His short and long pass is as good as he can play comfortably in the midfield. I usually say that I have not commented on the player not at the level of Xavi or Pirlo, but this person is really true.


Dribbling: 9/10


Silky smooth ball. I did not encounter any problems with his dribbling or ball control - the first touch was perfect, the ball was completely controlled as he ran, he absolutely had no problem weaving past opponents. Agility and balance are particularly impressive because he can stop and start easily, and the attacker is almost impossible to twist over him. He can change direction and the best way to make him a worthy opponent.



Defending: 10/10


The defense is one of the best players I use this year (probably after Boateng). Perfect interception and marking, make up for his lack of footsteps. He is always in the right place at the right time and will break down the danger before the attacker is even aware of what to do. He cut more passes than any other player, breaking the attack before they even started. The deal is also great - he rarely give up fouls, almost always with the ball Just close the opponent, press the button and then walk away with the ball.


I should emphasize that his superb defense is mainly the reason why his pace is non-problem. He is a very smart player. He reads the game as much as no other person, where he is not covered. The result he will never stay away from danger, and then he can be fast enough to close it.


Physical:  9/10


Although he is tall and tall, but he is very capable in the air, so you never worry about the future cross. He is strong enough to stop most of the attackers, and his high degree of aggression means that he has entered 50-50 challenges, is likely to win them. His endurance is great, he can run for a long time, so you do not have to worry about his tired, give opponents more opportunities.




Kimmich has everything you need in FUT 18. His pace may not be the biggest reason for not triggering him, but according to my experience, this is not a problem. He is fast enough to handle everything that is thrown. I like to use this card, and on this year's IF, I will continue to upgrade and use his card.


Because of his price, you are getting a best defender. Give him a shot, I believe he will not be disappointed.

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