News.If FIFA 18 Cover Star Cristiano Ronaldo Moves Away From Real Madrid

As we all know, Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star of FIFA 18. It's amazing that Cristiano Ronaldo maybe leave the  Real Madrid but the FIFA 18 haven't release.


If Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid this summer, it would be one of the most surprising moves in football history.

CR7 is undoubtedly the most famous football star on Earth, and seems to have successfully defended their championship league championship club landing.


However, although the transfer of the world record may still be some distance, but EA sports may no one can pray that Real Madrid does not move.

why? Well, this year's FIFA 18 tournament this year's star, which could lead to great changes in the way the game was released.

We predict that possible Ronaldo move from Los Angeles Blancos could mean releasing FIFA 18.


How does it affect his cover as a game star?

Ronaldo as FIFA 18 cover star, announced the great carnival.

The most convincing is that he was pulled in a set of Real Madrid, which means that if he wants to leave, you will expect to arrange his new stripes picture.

The actual printing of the lid will not be a problem - if he wants to move it will be the latest in the month before September.

If this is the case, the manufacturer can wait until anything is formalized and then press the factory print button.


Will it affect "journey 2"?

This is probably the most popular thing EA Sports is now.

We know the features of Cristiano Ronaldo in "Journey 2" and there are a lot of rumors that Alex Hunt will be a Cara Lanco.


This means that the hunter's story will be Ronaldo to become a teammate.

This may be a problem - EA can decide to completely pull the story down, or let Ronaldo leave Madrid to do an unreal experience.



Obviously becoming a cover star for any FIFA game is a big deal, and there is a lot of publicity.

Ronaldo may have agreed that EA's public appearances, whether or not he is mobilized, how it affects is still a mystery.

Whatever happens, EA's sports department will be a very interesting, maybe tense moment.


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