News.NEW Updates for FIFA 18 Addresses Gameplay & FUT Issues

EA's franchise has been performing for months. But we have more things to discuss because we're resting in the  live seasons during the winter. EA Sports has released a new update that has identified a lot in FIFA 18. However, there are many more issues that need to be addressed because the community requires the development of a variety of other patches.

With this update, EA has improved gameplay and fixed known online problems that are simply unacceptable. Goalkeeper scored a goal no longer freeze, the goalkeeper will not skip. More interestingly, with the sprint button, he will stand faster if the goalkeeper is on the grass.

As EA Sports confirmed that the FUT is the most audited mode in FIFA 18, many other fixes are still in development. Therefore, a team in the FUT that is incorrectly set to a policy value of 100 is now reset to retain the default. In addition, playback can now be viewed at a lower playback speed and Penalties tutorials will no longer appear.

This update also improves the 2D portraits of some players. EA Sports did a great job of listening to the community and has put in place corrections for all of the reports.

Reading the full patch notes please click here.


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