News.What FIFA 18 Did Right

A Big Connectivity Improvement
When we started FIFA 18, it seemed like the servers were performing the same as 17 during a very good period.
November and December were not great months for people in terms of connectivity, but items massively changed in january.
It's unclear what exactly changed. But since then, the game have been waaaay smoother and it functions better than 17.

The Death Of Crabwalking
L2R2 dribbling was hugely important in FIFA 17. The highest amount of the game was played by constantly spamming L2R2, and also waiting for an opponent to produce a defensive error.
It got monotonous and players would certainly glide across the pitch inside hyper unrealistic ways.
Thankfully, L2R2 dribbling has been greatly nerfed in FIFA 18. The mechanic actually provides its uses depending on the situation, but simply spamming all of it game won't do anything to suit your needs.

Close Control Dribbling
The addition of close control dribbling provides casual and hardcore players alike.
With just one button and the analog stick, a player with great dribbling capabilities can do a nice little transform or create an extra half inch of space that's meant for a great chance.
At the same time, more fantastic range FIFA players can use that mechanic to check their schedule or pull of even more unpredictable feats.

There are many more things FIFA 18 got suitable, but these are the ones that stood out the most to us this year. And if you have any problem on buying FIFA 18 Coins and FIFA 18 Coins Account at, please join our live chat right now.


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